Quick Sourdough Naan Bread GF/V
To make this recipe you’ll need active GF sourdough starter.
Screen shot ingredients & visit: freshisreal.com/quick-sourdough-naan-bread-gf-v/ for instructions
Combine & mix ingredients and rest dough for 20-30 minutes.
This recipe includes 3 options. You can rest the dough overnight in the fridge. See post for details.
To bake the naan bread you can use a cast iron skillet. For oven method see post.
Use 1-2 sheets of unbleached parchment paper to help you shape & flatten your dough to 4 ovals.
You can use your fingers or a soft spatula to flatten the dough.
Flip dough with paper onto the preheated and greased skillet.
Bake for a few minutes then carefully peel off paper. Flip naan & bake for a few minutes.
Place on wire rack while you bake the remaining bread.
The GF sourdough naan bread recipe makes great pizza crust(s)!
This dough (with a few tweaks) can also be fried or baked into Canadian style Beaver Tails!
I’ll share the details in another video!
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