6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Photo Edits
VIGNETTE: Adding a vignette will bring focus to your subject and create a more moody vibe.
HORIZON LINE: Make sure your horizon lines are level. It’s a simple edit, but it has big impact in perceived value.
ADJUSTMENTS: Whether it’s in Lightroom or just on your iPhone, make sure to play with saturation, contrast, tint, exposure, etc.
CROP: Cropping in on your subjects can create a more dramatic scene and invite the viewer into the environment, as well as remove undesired elements.
TOUCH UP: Get rid of lens smudges, flyaway hairs, and any other imperfections (Photoshop clone tool works well)
BIRDS! (For the slightly more advanced): Birds bring movement and life to any shot, and are a great addition to bare skies.
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