Relief Carving On A Bowl
What you'll need
Clay Slab Or Bowl, Leatherhard
Clay Tools
Loop Tool
On leatherhard smooth clay, begin by drawing a design. I press just enough for a shallow indent.
I draw the interior/exterior lines so that I know exactly where to carve later in the process.
Using a loop tool I begin to slowly carve into the interior shape. I only take a small amount away.
The indented areas become more dynamic. You can get more depth by carving more. But go slowly!
I can create the illusion of depth and layers by carving the edges of one area back further.
Having good lighting helps you to see how deep to carve. This is a shallow carving, or low relief.
You can define the design by carving deeper lines with the loop tool.
Experiment with the angles that you carve, as subtle changes will alter the way the light falls.
Create more layers and depth by carving back a section, so that the design stands out more.
You can add more drawing to this area and it will already be set back for you.
Continuously switching between carving away, and drawing lines helps to create a cohesive piece.
I use a loop to and a flat chisel like tool (find whatever works best for you) to create detail.
After I create the overall relief, I go back in to work on redefining lines and creating depth.
From shallow line drawing, to deeper carving, you can create beautiful pieces by creating reliefs.
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