Resin Skull Shaker Keychain Tutorial
What you'll need
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Shiny Skull Mold
Backfist customs Glitter
Epoxy Resin-ProMarine
Transparency Film/or Card Protectors
UV hard Resin
UV lamp Or Flashlight
Baby Oil, Paint Brush, Blunt Tip Needle, Scissors, Drill Of Your Choice
Get your mold. Make sure it’s clean from all dust and lint.
Mix resin, add glitter and pour into the mold. (If you need help with resin, video coming soon)
This is most IMPORTANT step. You will OVERFILL your mold slightly. You are creating the “backing”.
Demold it. You see how the eyes, nose & mouth have a back to them? Place your 2nd glitter here.
Cut your film to cover the front of the skull. Use UV resin to adhere film. (All areas under film.)
Cure your piece under UV light for around 2 mins. Your UV resin will be hard and not tacky.
If you want to add liquid to make the glitter float. You will drill a hole on the sides.
I suggest a very small drill bit. Drill hole, use blunt tip needle with baby oil and fill ‘eye’ up.
Use the UV resin again to close your hole up so no liquid can leak out.
Mix epoxy resin again and place a nice think clear “doming” layer on top. Cure for 8-12 hrs.
Once your top layer is cured. You now have a shaker keychain. 👏🏻
Your all done! 🎉 please come back for more videos to see how all these shakers are made. Thank you!!
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