Soft Rose Gold Glam For New Years
Let’s get straight into these eyes, it’s super girly but also perfect for this season. Take a warm brown shade to put in your crease.
Layering shadows helps with the gradient blend, so take a slightly deeper brown shade and blend with the first shade
Take a pinky shade to deepen the crease and begin the process of the blend to the shimmer shade we’ll put on our lids.
Take a pink shimmer shade and apply to your lid, this is the closest I had to red but you can use a red shade to make it more festive
To brighten the lid and make it have more depth, take a lighter pink shimmer shade and press in with your finger.
For the final layer apply a gold shimmer sporadically on your lid, the speckles of gold will catch in the light which looks great in pictures.
Smoking out your lash liner is really in now so prep using a black eyeshadow and smoke out the lash line diagonally.
Then apply your black liner and whilst it’s wet blend it out further using the black eyeshadow.
Apply black eyeliner to your waterline and blend that out using the same pink shadow you used in the pink cut crease.
Prep your lashes with mascara and apply your lashes. For your brows make sure you’re using soft strokes, to keep it soft but defined.
Apply your favourite nude lip combo to complete the look.
There we have it a soft rose gold look perfect for Christmas and New Years.
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