Sooji Ka Halwa, Aaloo Ki Bhujjia, Magic Puri
Breakfast for champions -
Aaloo. Is it me you’re looking for? Let’s start with aaloo ki bhujjia, shall we?
In 1/4 cup oil,add 8-10 red button chillies;1 tsp kalongi;1 tsp rai dana & some curry patta. Sauté
Boil & dice 4 potatoes. Add to pot. Mix well
Add salt, red chili powder; hadi; zeera powder; coriander powder. Mix all
Add purée of around 4 to 5 tomatoes. Mix well and let cook on low for sometime
Add in mixed pickle (masala). Mix. Turn off stove
Let’s move on to the halwa now ...
Boil 2 cups sugar with 3.5 cups water & 1/4 tsp orange food color. Remove from flame
In another pan, heat 3/4 cup ghee. Add seeds of 8 green cardamoms. Mix
Add 1 cup sooji. Fry for a couple of mins
Add colored sugar syrup. Stir continuously for 3 mins. It’ll start to thicken. Remove from stove.
Add a few drops of kewra. Mix. Cover and let it set for around 15 mins (or longer)
Let’s talk magic now ...
Here’s the quickest recipe for puris : deep fry tortilla wraps & watch the magic unfold
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