Split a Skein of Yarn Evenly With No Guesswork
This is great to do when you need to hold yarn double stranded without the need of purchasing a second skein.
Gather Supplies - (yarn, scissors, small digital scale)
Take any label or tags off of the yarn.
Place yarn on scale. Weigh in ounces or grams. (This example is grams).
Divide your results by 2. (191/2 = 95.5)
Your results mean each ball of yarn should weigh that amount.
Next, start making a ball of yarn from the main skein.
Weigh either ball periodically to get an idea of how close you are getting to your results number.
When each ball weighs the same as your results number you are done.
Cut the yarn. Now each ball should have close to an equal number of yards to work with.
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