Stretches for your hands if you type or text a lot!
You can do these stretches seated!
Start by blinking the fingers, just noticing the sensations in the palms and fingers. Each hand might be different, and that’s perfectly fine!
Then make gentle fists and bring the elbows to the side of the ribs, make circles trying to mobilize only the wrists. That's the challenge!
Now extend the arms, keep the fists, and make circles allowing the whole arm to participate!
Bring the fists facing forward and move them side to side, trying to mobilize only from the wrist
Now bring the fists up and down. Remember, the movement is happening at the wrist
The next time the fists are up, open the palms and spread the fingers!
Now bring the arms up, interlace the fingers and press up, down and forward
Reach the arms up and bring the hands in front of your heart, spread the fingers and press the palms into each other and breathe!
Finally, interlace the fingers and roll the wrists making a figure eight or infinity sign
Enjoy these movements in any order and moment to release the tension from the hands!
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