String Of Hearts Plant Care
String of hearts are semi-succulents, meaning they store water in their leaves.
When planting, choose a pot that is the same size as the plastic nursery pot your SOH came in, or slightly bigger. They like to be root bound.
These plants will also benefit from being planted in terracotta if you are prone to overwatering. If not, a plastic pot with drainage holes is fine.
Since these are semi- succulents, use a potting soil geared for cacti or succulents. A regular potting soil mixed with perlite will be fine as well.
You don't need to water these plants much! Only water when the entire soil is dry. I water mine about once every 10 days. Always test the soil before!
A sign your plant needs water is when the heart leaves at the base of the plant begin to wrinkle. They are not wrinkled here!
These plants enjoy bright, indirect light to occasional full sun.
Fertilize twice a month in the spring and summer. Early fall is okay as well, but only if the plant is still actively growing.
How To Propagate String Of Hearts Plant
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