The 3 Edge Jumps Of Figure Skating
Out of the 6 figure skating skating jumps there are 3 edge jumps! Can you guess which ones they are?
If you said axel, salchow, and loop, you guessed correctly! Let’s take a look at them!
First is axel. This is a harder version of a waltz jump which will be demonstrated on the next slide. This jump takes off on a forward outside edge.
This is a waltz jump. It’s the first jump you learn as a skater and it’s the base for an axel. We classify it under axel when we talk about jumps.
Next is salchow. This jump takes off from a back inside edge. The typical entrance is a 3 turn but it is also common to do it from a mohawk.
With the base of a single salchow, soon you will be able to progress into double, triple, and maybe even quad salchow.
Lastly we have loop. This jump takes off from a back outside edge. Typically skaters will have both feet on the ice for take off.
Loops are a very helpful jump and they are good to add onto other jumps. Many people use them as the second jump in a combination of jumps.
If you would like to learn about the other 3 jumps of figure skating you can check out my recent jumprope. “The 3 Toe Jumps Of Figure Skating”
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