Things To Do In Historic Fort Benton, Montana
Come with me to Fort Benton, just north of Great Falls and the oldest settlement in Montana that was continuously inhabited since 1846.
One of the best places to visit in Fort Benton is the Old Fort Benton Bridge. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
This was the first steel bridge to ever span the Missouri River in Montana and was built in 1888.
We had a lot of fun walking on the Bridge, and I found it to be one of the top Instagrammable locations in Fort Benton.
What is great is you can see the Missouri River as well as walk along the river for the "Historic Landmark District and Steamboat Levee."
One of Fort Benton's main attractions is the statue of Old Shep, a dog who kept vigil after a dead sheepherder was taken away by train to his family.
Old Shep kept vigil for 5.5 years at the train tracks, until he died tragically in 1936. You can also find Shep's burial site in Fort Benton.
Fort Benton has the State of Montana's Lewis & Clark Memorial, which is highly historically accurate and renowned by art critics. It cost $175,000.
The walk also has "Mandan," a replica of a keelboat. This one was actually built for the movie "Big Sky."
There are lots of things to see along the walk and so much history to read about.
The Grand Union hotel is a hotel that opened in 1882. You can still stay there today if you wish!
Whether you stay there or just look at it, I found The Grand Union Hotel is also another highly Instagrammable location to check out
After your historical walk, to cool down or warm up, get some coffee at Wake Cup Coffee House, a charming coffee house and restaurant.
We loved their hot and iced coffee drinks, and I took home some whole bean coffee to enjoy at home. I want to try their restaurant one day!!
There are also museums in Fort Benton and the historic old Fort Benton--unfortunately they are only open seasonally, so plan accordingly and research.
The main street was lined with other shops and businesses--I'm hoping to explore more when it is safer to do so.
There is cool architecture in Fort Benton, including the Choteau County Courthouse, which is the second oldest courthouse in Montana still being used.
Right outside of Fort Benton (to the south) is an amazing scenic overlook that lets you see the glory of the Missouri River from above.
The overlook's address is 38870 US-87, Fort Benton. Definitely do not skip this overlook! There are plaques describing tons of historic details.
Wet your whistle at the Golden Triangle Brew Co Brewery in Fort Benton. Their mural is pretty Instagrammable as well!
The can we bought our beer in was so gorgeous, with so many cool details, and tasted good. Montana does have many great breweries like this.
Drive a couple miles north out of town to get the tiniest taste of the Upper Missouri River Breaks Monument.
The monument spans 375,000 acres of public land and is definitely worth some research if you plan to explore the area for more than a few hours.
Fort Benton is a cool historic town to check out. It also would be easy to visit Great Falls from here, so check out my Jumprope with Great Falls.
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