7+ Things To Do On The Myrtle Beach Strip
When visiting Myrtle Beach, there's so much to do without even leaving the main strip. Keep reading to learn about everything in walking distance!
First of all, you can walk along the beach! There's a walkway so you can enjoy the view without getting sand in your shoes.
Obviously, wading at the shore is an option, but you can also check out the boardwalk to get a closer look at the ocean.
Along the beach, you'll find many hotels and a few restaurants. Some of the hotels even have beachside bars to visit!
Visit during happy hour to get drinks and appetizers at good prices! Don't be afraid to wander past the crowds to find even better deals.
The same is true for food. It's not hard to find the beachy classics, like these fried shrimp nachos.
But the further you get from the action, the better the food! Art Burger Sushi Grill is barely off the beaten path and definitely worth checking out.
If you're not looking for a full meal, you'll be able to find all kinds of cool treats up and down the street.
A really fun indoor activity is the arcade! There are a few to choose from, so look around before investing in tokens.
After choosing the one with the most games you'd enjoy, start winning some tickets!
There are several Ripley's attractions along the strip (and even more within driving distance).
You can save money by buying a combo so talk to an employee to figure out which attractions you'd most like to visit, if not all.
You'll also find other fun touristy places to visit, such as this pick a pearl shop or a henna tattoo artist. There's no way you'll get bored!
Even the souvenir shops are entertaining! In addition to a wide range of gifts, you'll find photo ops and other little gems.
There's a lot more to Myrtle Beach than swimming, even when you're on a budget!
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