Thyme To Make Low FODMAP Crispy Potato Latkes
These crispy latkas have no flour or onion and are completely Low FODMAP and gluten free. Every 10 potatoes call for 3 eggs.
Feed 10 potatoes into food processor grating blade and in batches, place them into a large bowl.
Using kitchen scissors, go through and cut the batch. *Since potatoes are usually long, this helps to make the shredded potatoes smaller in length.*
Push potatoes through colander to remove excess liquid. Place back into big bowl when finished.
For every 10 potatoes, beat 3 eggs. Add 2TBSP salt and 1 TBSP pepper to eggs and pour in potatoes. Mix well.
Add avocado oil to pan and set heat to high. When HOT, lower heat slightly and begin to spoon out mixture, flattening it with the back of the spoon.
When the bottom looks crispy and middle looks translucent, it’s time to flip. If middle is pink, keep cooking!
Stack paper towels between layers and LEVEL UP! Serve with apple sauce, sour cream, or caviar.
What you'll need
Russet Or Yukon Gold Potatoes
Avocado Oil
Salt And Pepper
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