Tinka’s Favorite Toys (0-3 Months)
This activity can be found on Tinkadoodle Activity Cards. Place baby it’s back and play follow the sound, moving a rattle on different directions.
What you'll need
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Activity cards
Place baby on his/her back and play catch the toy (encourage baby to touch or kick the toy)
Another variation of catch the toy. This toy is great because is easier for babies to grasp
High contrast soft books are great for this stage
High contrast cards are great for this stage. After the first few weeks baby can see colors in high contrast like red/green, yellow/ blue
Bracelet and socks with rattles are great for sound and visual stimulation when baby moves arms and legs
Scarves are a great sensory toy, it engages touch, visual and you can sing a song to engage hearing as well
To encourage tummy time, place baby on his/her tummy, get yourself on your tummy and make eye contact
You can play with previously shown toys during tummy time
Another way of doing tummy time is placing baby across the front of your thighs facing down and show a toys at his/her eye level
Another way of doing tummy time is laying on your back and place baby on his/her tummy on top of you, make eye contact, kiss, and play
Another way of doing tummy time is over the shoulder reading, hold baby like you are burping her/him and have someone in the back showing a book
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