9 Tips For Creating The Best DIY Jumpropes
Sharing 9 beginner friendly tips for creating amazing DIY Jumpropes!
Practice your project or do a dry run. This will help you realize materials you need and steps you want to film.
Write down all materials you need and have them ready before you begin.
Make a list of each step you want to film. Don’t forget a shot of your materials, and a couple photos and videos of the final project.
Use a backdrop that fits your style. This could be colorful papers, white foam board, or matte contact paper on foam board for faux marble and wood.
Keep your camera steady with an overhead tripod. You can find inexpensive options around $20, or follow our Jumprope for a $0 tripod hack.
Film near a window with natural light if possible. You can also supplement with artificial light, like a ring light.
Include detailed descriptions on each card of your Jumprope so viewers know exactly what to do to follow along.
Batch film multiple projects at once that use similar materials to make the most of your time while you’re set up to film.
If you plan to add voiceover, it’s helpful to write a script. You’ll know exactly what you want to say and will waste less time on multiple takes.
Your first video isn’t going to be perfect, but the more you film the better you’ll get!
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