10 Tips For Visiting Yellowstone
Download the Yellowstone App! It gives you a map, geyser prediction times, history, and more
Don’t go too early - it’s still pretty cold in the morning and most things will be covered in steam
Plan at least 2 days to see all of the highlights in the park
Make sure to read the signs by the different sites to find out how they were formed
Look into the national park annual pass. It’s $80/year while one YS entrance is $35/car
Wear layers! The mornings are pretty chilly even in the summer. The weather changes drastically
Don’t approach wildlife! They seem nice and calm until they feel threatened. These animals are wild
You don’t usually have to worry about bison hitting your car - just stop when they need to cross!
There are a few restaurants, but they get crowded fast! You’re better off bringing your own food!
There are gas stations by a lot of the major sites if you need to fill up - it’s a lot of driving!
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