7 Tips To Easily Film & Create Recipe Jumpropes
Today I’m sharing 7 tips to easily film and create recipe videos on Jumprope!
Batch filming is a huge time saver! Schedule 2-3 hours and film at least 2 recipes during that time. Pick a time when you feel most creative!
Storyboard your recipe! Break it down into easy to follow steps so you know exactly what to film and don’t forget anything.
Measure and prep your ingredients in advance! You can even prep some ingredients the night before.
Find the best spot in your house and set up a small filming station. Use a tripod to keep your hands free! Try adding a backdrop.
Film each step of your recipe individually. It’s easier to review all your footage after and edit.
Try filming a couple of options for intros and final shots! It’s great to have choices when editing.
Set a day just for editing, then block that time! Import your videos into Jumprope and use our simple, powerful tools. Don’t forget to save + share!
And remember, better posted than perfect! Have fun with adding video to your workflow and be creative!
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