5 Travel Hacking Tips For Earning More Points
Consider which perks you’ll ACTUALLY use from a travel credit card...
Make sure you’ll use enough of the perks to make the annual fee worth it before signing up!
Pay for friends meals to earn sign on bonuses faster and earn more points...
Just make sure to have your friends venmo you their portion of the bill!
Send your friends a referral link for the travel credit cards you like!
Most cards have some kind of referral link. I can say the Chase Sapphire Preferred does!
Combine points from multiple cards with the same bank...
This is a great way to use the best point % of each card and then combine them when booking travel!
If you have a spouse, sign up for the same card separately, then combine later on (if you want)...
If you can each meet the sign up bonus by yourselves, you’ll get double the bonus points!
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