Trying Jason Wu’s Makeup
Here are all the goodies I got, starting with this gorgeous palette called Desert Rose
Shades have no name so I’m showing you what I’m using
I wanted to do a romantic blended look and adding some sparkle using Celestial Lust liquid eyeshadow in Lace & Grace
So sparkly and beautiful! Moving to my brows with Brow Mascara in Medium, it gave me some pigmentation and really liked the shade
Brows in fleek! For the lips I’m using the Stay in Line Lip Pencil in Adored, a beautiful pinky nude
Adding some lip color with Hot Fluff 3-in-1 Stick for cheeks, eyes and lips in Gingerbread, is gorgeous and I also used it as blush
Now adding some glow with the Opal Stick Multi-use Highlighter, beautiful omg! I love the purple shift to it
Lastly, added some fake frekles with Jason The Freckled Boy, gorgeous too!
This is the final look! Loved it all! 💯 recommended! Thanks for watching!
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