Ultimate White Bread Recipe | Perfect For Rolls & Buns
To a mixing bowl add milk & bloom the yeast until frothy.
Add remaining water, sugar, salt. Then most of the flour.
Mix on low or by hand until dough is roughly combined. Let sit 5 min to fully hydrate.
Add butter and mix 7 min on low with stand mixer or 12-15 min by hand.
Dough will be tacky & still clinging to the edges of the bowl but it will be elastic & cohesive. Turn out onto lightly floured counter.
Using a light touch and floured fingers form into a ball. The dough feels cushiony, spongy, and silky. Like a heavy pillow.
It’s starting to proof already. Place in a greased bowl or tub. Cover & rise until double in size.
Gorgeous. This proofed for 40 min at 78f. Cooler temps will take longer. Turn out onto lightly floured counter to divide. Makes 2 loaves. Or ...
hamburger buns, sandwich rolls, stuffed bread pockets & braids, cinnamon swirl bread, sticky buns, garlic twists, fry bread, pizza rolls, flatbread.
I’m saving 1/2 for Parmesan & Garlic Cheesy Buns... also Strawberry Swirl Pull-Apart Bread.
Watch my technique here. Pulling toward me, creating friction on the bottom for a tight smooth surface and crimping the interior as I roll.
Butter loaf tin & place in the dough. Gently tap any bubbles & slightly press to into the pan corners.
I had a rough edge so I gently tucked it down. Cover & proof until 75% risen. Avoid over-proofing. It will also rise while baking.
This one got a little high. It proofed quickly. Brush on butter *carefully*. Bake at 350f for about 30-40 min. Baking times will vary with loaf size.
Voila! Cool 15 min then remove from tin, place on cooling rack. Avoid slicing while hot - the interior needs time to set. Stays fresh 3+ days.
Light fluffy crumb. Smells incredible. Rich & creamy flavor. Perfect for sandwiches, grilled cheese, toast, butter & jam. More ideas! ...
Garlic knots, or twists, or pull-apart cheesy rolls.
Stuffed meat & veggie pockets. These are Krautburgers. Go veggie with mushrooms, onions, and potato.
Or go sweet! Cinnamon Swirl Raisin French Toast is perfect for weekends.
What you'll need
1 cup
4 tsp or 2 sachet pk
Active or Instant Yeast
2 1/2 cups
3 tablespoons
3 teaspoons
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
8-9 cups
Bread Flour
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