Valley Falls State Park | West Virginia
Valley Falls State Park is just south of Morgantown, West Virginia. Take a ride down country roads to find this beautiful landform!
After you park the car, you'll probably be able to hear the Falls! Follow your ears across the railroad tracks until you come to the river.
You'll be able to find the Falls of the Tygart Valley River quite quickly!
Watch the water as it rushes! Obviously, it's dangerous to get in the water.
So it's important to be responsible and stay safe!
That doesn't mean you can't climb the rocks and get close to the water!
The rocky formations allow you to see the Falls from multiple vantage points!
This also provides several great photo ops so don't forget your camera!
Don't be afraid to get creative, either. A photo in front of cascades is great, but a photo on the edge of a cliff is even cooler!
In addition to the big waterfalls, you can find smaller waterfalls in the creeks that lead to the river!
These creeks are also gorgeous, even compared to the river beside them!
This park actually used to be a grist mill. You can learn more about it from a few signs throughout the park!
You can also get a visual idea of what the grist mill operations were like by looking at some of the remains.
On your way back to the parking lot, you'll be glad you made the trip! It's a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, even if you're not outdoorsy.
Make sure to add Valley Falls State Park to your West Virginia bucket list!
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