6 Ways To Increase Humidity For Your Houseplants
Plants love humidity and when they don't get enough, they lose water quicker, which means you have to water them more.
Fleshy thick leaves like those of a snakeplant are less impacted by humidity than thinner leaves but all house plants can benefit!
Misting plants twice a week with water increases the moisture levels around the plant.
Pebble trays with water also increase humidity by adding more underneath the plant.
Grouping many plants together can slightly increase humidity levels because plants release moisture through their leaves.
Place plants in a bathroom that has a window so they benefit from humidity every time you shower! Ferns, air plants and calathea will thrive here.
A humidifier is the most obvious way to increase humidity. Use one to combat drying forced heat in winter or A/C in the summer!
Placing a plant in a plastic bag is an extreme way to increase humidity. Few plants need this except to root a cutting or if you are away on vacation.
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