What To Know About Cleveland
Cleveland, OH, is an affordable and spread out city on Lake Erie. It's not too busy so you can explore without traffic or people getting in your way!
It's an old city so you'll see lots of history and old buildings, like the Rowley Inn, established 1906, which is catty-corner to . . .
This house where "A Christmas Story" was filmed! You can take a tour for $15 or less. They also rent out rooms in the village for the biggest fans!
The tour includes trivia about the movie, a guide who can answer any question, seeing props in the museum, and photo ops galore!
You might also want to visit West Side Market, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, or one of the beaches, but don't miss out on this:
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! After visiting a museum devoted to music history, you'll get to walk the Hall of Fame and learn even more trivia.
Cleveland is a great place for a weekend trip if you like touristy activities but not touristy towns!
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