Yarn Square Cardboard Loom
Gather your materials-masking tape, scissors, cardboard loom, yarn, plastic needle
Begin by taping the end of the yarn to the top notch of the upper left-hand side. This will be the back of your project. Then flip the loom around.
Begin wrapping yarn under the first notch on the far right corner. Bringing it back up and looping it around the next notch. Continue to the end.
Continue and finish by taping the very end of the string to the back. You will end up on the bottom right of your loom.
Add your yarn to your plastic blue needle. Begin weaving under and over the lines of your loom. Leave about a fingers width from the top.
Warp is the strings (in black) weft is the pattern you make (yellow)
Continue weaving under, over, deciding where you will end. Fix the weft lines by making them straight.
Repeat under over under over the weft. Hold down the string as you pull it through. Use the slack yarn on your needle.
It will take some practice to NOT make the edge of the lines go in. Hold down the yarn when you bring your needle over the weft.
You can draw a design on a piece of paper and slip it behind the loom to guide you through the process!
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