Your Guide to the Best LA to Vegas Road Trip Pit Stops
ZZYZX - The hoax of a “healing hot spring spa” has long been closed down, but the grounds are fascinating to explore.
ROUTE 66 BOTTLE TREE RANCH - For decades Elmer Long poured his passion into creating this unique pit stop along the historic Route 66.
MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE - Established in 1994, visitors enjoy exploring the volcanic formations, Joshua tree forests and incredible sunsets here.
LAVA TUBE TRAIL - A short trail leads through a lava field formed by molten lava to a ladder and a dark hidden lava tube with natural skylights.
THE MOJAVE CROSS - Hidden in the Mojave Hills, this cross was dedicated in 1934, and it’s surrounded by a field of Joshua trees.
SEVEN MAGIC MOUNTAINS - This bright towering art installation in the middle of the desert is 20 min from the strip & will be on display until 2022.
DEATH VALLEY - Two hours from the bright Vegas lights, you can reach the lowest point in North America (Badwater Basin) and the famous sand dunes.
NELSON GHOST TOWN - This was once the most violent & the most lucrative gold mine town in Nevada. You can still tour the old mine 1 hour from Vegas.
VALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK - Located 45 minutes from Vegas, this state park is known for its fascinating history and incredible rock formations.
MAGICAL NIPTON - 100 years ago this was a gathering spot for mining & ranching it’s more of a ghost town, but it’s a fun pit stop.
BONUS HOOVER DAM - Less than an hour drive from Las Vegas, visit the massive dam originally built in the 1930s & enjoy all my other travel Jumpropes!
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