Zodiac Air Sign Inspired Outfits
Here are 6 outfits inspired by the Air signs of the Zodiac!
Geminis are free-spirited and like to go with the flow, so a cute but comfy romper and a fanny pack are perfect for any occasion.
For a Gemini's more charming and easygoing side, wear a fun girly dress in a flowy silhouette.
Libras tend to be team-oriented and fair, so try a matching look with a cohesive, neutral palette!
Style an elegant black lace top with a classic pair of jeans for a Libra's balanced and polished side.
An Aquarius is confident and not easily influenced by others so rock a fun outfit with a midi dress and lots of bold layering!
Wear a monochromatic mint green look with a bold pop of color to channel an Aquarius' individuality and their determined nature.
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