Zodiac Earth Sign Inspired Outfits
Here are 6 outfits inspired by the Earth signs of the zodiac!
A Taurus is rebellious and determined, so channel their vibe with a pair of leather pants and a bold crop top.
For a Taurus' more logical and grounded side, layer a dress over a t-shirt and pair it with knee high socks!
Virgos are chill and detail-oriented so go for a laidback look with lots of fun details and patterns that match.
A button-up top and jeans are a perfect combo for channeling a Virgo's helpful and solution-oriented mindset.
Capricorns are organized and driven, so go for an oversized blazer look and wear it as a dress for a structured outfit.
For a Capricorn's natural leader qualities and dependable side, wear a cropped blazer with a fitted midi skirt!
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